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University of Science, Technology and Arts (USTA) is a private, non-profit Christian university established in 2004, and is a member of the Association of International Evangelical Universities, Council for Evangelical Colleges and Universities, International Council of Universities, Association of Local Evangelical Universities, and National Universities Commission. In 2019, University of Science, Technology and Arts (USTA) became to be ranked in the top 3001-3500 category of world universities.

It was initially established as the University of Science and Technology, and later the name was modified to become the University of Science, Technology and Arts. The language of instruction is English.


The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the strategy and goals of the University. Day-to-day operational management is delegated to the executive team, headed by the Vice-Chancellor and CEO.

USTA has five Faculties And a Freshman Program:

  1. Faculty Of Arts And Sciences
  2. Faculty Of Health Sciences
  3. Faculty Of Engineering
  4. Faculty Of Business And Economics
  5. Faculty Of Literature

The University is currently offering over 65 majors leading to Bachelors, Master Degrees, and PhD.

Type of Curriculum​

USTA is committed to practice modern instructional practices that emphasize active learning and teacher-student and student-teacher interaction, as well as allowing students to learn by doing and pushing them to discover answers and solutions themselves. Memorization is deemphasized (except for disciplines such as language and elementary mathematics, in which it is necessary) in favor of the development of critical thinking. In addition, education will focus not just on the aggressive acquisition of knowledge but also on the creation of new knowledge. What is more, the educational process strives to encourage interdisciplinary thinking as well as basic theory development and testing as a means of sorting truth from fiction.

USTA operates on an academic semester system and on credit hours curriculum modeled on American system. The curriculum affords students’ freedom in choice as to what is convenient to his/her major of interest within the frame of an integrated academic system. It also facilitates the student’s transfer from one university into another, or in continuation of higher studies in any foreign university. The English Language is the language of teaching and communication at USTA and is an inseparable requirement of the education curriculum.


University of Science, Technology and Arts will be a leading transnational University known for an outstanding student-centered, teaching-focused learning experience and academic research excellence, which empower its graduates for successful engagement in career and life opportunities, underpinned by outreach to alumni, enterprise and the professions.


USTA’s mission is to provide affordable and accessible quality higher education, guide and cultivate the knowledge and skills of its students to be independent learners, able to assume responsibilities as citizens to positively impact local, regional, and global communities. USTA endeavors to promote student success through processes of curricula renewal and research for innovative outcomes.

Since its creation in 2004, USTA has claimed, as part of its mission, the right to play a role in providing the highest possible quality higher education at the lowest possible cost in order to meet the needs of individuals, communities and enterprises.

The idea that learning can be a joyful experience stands at the very heart of the University of Science, Technology and Arts. USTA is proud to offer new perspectives today’s students need to understand, engage with, and most importantly make a difference in the world around them. With relatively modest class sizes, and the assurance of direct access to highly talented, dedicated faculty members, our students benefit from a learning environment similar to that found at many liberal universities.

University Core Values

While our vision and mission show where we want to go, our values guide us on the way. They cut across organizational boundaries, bind us culturally, and permeate our strategic and tactical initiatives. They are the defining traits of the USTA community.
USTA is committed to the following set of core values: Integrity; Excellence; Diversity and Inclusion; Collaboration; Innovation; Compassion and Stewardship.

These seven core values provide the foundation for how we conduct ourselves, accomplish our work, and build our reputation as a University. They reflect a university with a strong sense of purpose, confidence, and a desire to succeed. We believe our values are what make USTA a great place to work and study at.

The values also reflect the traits we as faculty, staff, students and alumni hold dear. They mold the character of our culture. Each member of the USTA community plays a vital role in nurturing these values, using them to guide daily working lives and in the way, we forge relationships with each other, our students, industry partners and stakeholders. This is essential if we are to fulfill our strategic ambitions and if the University community is to provide an environment that enables our students, faculty and staff to succeed.

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